Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family visit...

The kid was so excited by the family visit, he decided to pull up for the first time, to a standing position! Very exciting:) He pulled up from the floor by holding my leg (i was sitting on the couch with the laptop) to try and get to the laptop (which he's obsessed with by the way!). My mom and i were chatting and were both witnesses to this first. so much fun. on another note, husband was gone with my papaw to the store so he missed it. total bummer. especially sinces earlier in the week, there was another first we missed.

When we pick him up from daycare, they give us a form with timelines, showing his activities of the day. When he ate, peed, pooped, napped, drank from a cup, had snacks, etc. this day, i scanned the form quickly and the words "FED MYSELF" popped out at me!!! HUH!? We've been sitting puffs and banana chunks in front of him for weeks and he just smears and smashes. Sigh.

At home we test this. We pour puffs onto his high chair tray. he picks them up, shoving them in his mouth, as if he's been at it for months now. Duh mom and dad. of course i know how to do this... its old news. We exchange remarks of 'hate we missed that', 'can't believe we missed it', 'why'd he do it there and not here', and 'wow, i can't believe he's feeding himself'. The kid grins and throws his head back, displaying three puffs hes cramed in. husband looked concerned. he'll choke he exclaims. i calm him, letting him know, i've tested the puffs multiple ways. and yes, they do really dissolve, its next to impossible to choke on them (even when you try to), and i personally felt they were tasteless. The kid shoves in another one. He clearly likes them though. Or at least the act of eating them. He grins. He's cute.


Vicki said...

Very exciting! All those firsts are so much fun - and they come in whirlwinds at times so enjoy! It's so nice that Nancy was able to witness a "first" with you, too! Sorry, Aaron!

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