Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Tooth !

Though i have many pictures i need to upload, and want to share, i just quickly wanted to post that the kid FINALLY, I repeat, FINALLY has his first tooth! Whew, this baby was a long time coming. He's been so restless at night, clearly not feeling well, and we played the 'whats wrong with the kid' game each night for quite sometime. i read babies can teeth for months. and felt like crying. sigh. but thursday night, while having some play time, i felt those bottom gums where he'd been swollen and ?!? wait?! what is that? a tooth? I had to pin the kid down a bit and hold back his tongue to get a real look. he doesn't like this. he fought me off a bit but i still managed to snag a good look, and - there it was. a little glimmer of white. his bottom left tooth had emerged!

"You have your very first tooth!!" I tell him. Clearly I was more excited than him. "A tooth a tooth a tooth!" i sing to him. He laughs. Now he likes it. Put anything to song and he likes it.

I wondered if more sleep was in our future. I heard, from who or what i don't know, but that the first couple teeth are the worst. I cross my fingers.

The weekend we were traveling and his sleep was still hit and miss. or sleep and wake should i say?

But Sunday night at home he only woke once. Monday night - slept thru the night. When i woke at 4:30am, I examined him as he slept. Yep, still breathing. just sleeping. Ahhh Sleeping.... Sleep:) Last night he woke once, at 2am. i gave him his binky, rubbed his belly, and he dozed right back into a snooze. I quickly did the same myself... with dreams of more full nights sleep in my future... I hope they aren't just dreams anymore.


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