Friday, April 3, 2009

About Me

The kid's daycare sent home an 'About Me' form for us to fill out - random questions about his favorite toys, any pets he had, favorite food, etc. and along with the questions, they requested 4 - 5 pictures of abram doing his favorite activities, interacting with his pets, or hanging with siblings/parents. we thought, hm, perfect time to get a pic with him and the dogs. HA. HA. HA.

We tried ...

We started inside, where they all 3 had been hanging out... a no go with the dogs. we tempted them with treats which just made sammy hyper.

So we moved outside....

and of course, the dogs need to pee first... can't have a photo made without peeing first!

sammy wants his treat - you can tell. nelly is missing because she's freaking out a neighbor who came walking up. husband yells at nelly to get back in the yard and sit down!!! the kid then gets very upset at husband yelling...

and began to bawl his eyes out... tears a streamin!!

so these were our five attempts. can you guess which one we sent to daycare for his wall? well, we opted to go with the last one. it was just too damn funny to pass up. and there it is, on abrams about me wall:-)


Julia said...

The dog peeing is awesome. You should have given that to day care and watched their reaction.

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