Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter time...

The kid keeps growing up, despite our efforts to keep him a baby - sigh. He will soon be 11 months old and is eating up finger foods. He pulls up to a standing position on most anything, is about to get his second tooth, and usually, keyword usually, sleeps thru the night these days. He's extra anxious to eat what we're eating, especially me. so if its food he can have, he eats what we have for dinner, i just chop it up into little pieces and feed it to him or he shovels it in himself. He LOVES to point these days. He will still wave goodbye sometimes but prefers to point at people, things, the dogs, and even nothing - just space ha.

This week when he was awaken in the night (usually 3am ish) he isn't upset. he just appears ready to get up for the day!

He shouts " AHHHHH " at me from his pack n play. I look over. He's staring at me thru the mesh wall. He grins and waves. almost laughs. sigh. he's too damn cute but really - 3am? not that cute.

"AHHH" he says again. I roll over to ignore him, hoping he'll lay back down and go to sleep.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH..... " and then he starts to cry. and cry more.

I go over, lay him down, rub his belly and he stares up at me with WIDE Eyes as if to say. Hey mom, i'm up, lets do something! I pull him into bed with husband and i. he rolls to husband. puts his finger up his nose and laughs. he tries the same with me. i turn my head.

"Sleep time," i whisper to him. and do the sign for sleep, laying him into me.

"AHHHHH" he says, rolling over to pet Nelly. he laughs again.

This cycle goes on for an hour till apparently he gives up on any nighttime fun and goes to sleep.

This is a new one for us. Before he would wake at night, obviously tired but sad, crying, and potentially in pain from teething or fever. etc. This though - happy, alert, awake. As if to say Now What? We're dealing with it as it comes...

The weekend before Easter, we had a visit from my sister and her family. Abram and Ashley finally had a chance to meet. and us moms have decided at the very least a yearly get together in a must from now on. The babies were good with our tourist activities, gung ho before and exhausted after. As babies should be. Example Below...

Before Activity

After Activity

And they all got visits with the Easter Bunny. Abram and Ashley's first time. Emily was an ole Pro!

"Why are these hands so big?" she seems to be thinking...

and the kid seemed to like the big bunny...

His only eggs were a plastic purple one and a solid chocolate one. We (meaning me! ha) loved that chocolate one:) more stuff to come. slowly catching up to posting again!


michelle said...

love this. u need to post more often!! cant wait to see u guys this week!

Julia said...

That before and after picture is great! Loved it.

Vicki said...

Love the before and after of Ashley and Abram - too cute, if I do say so myself, proud mom and aunt! Too funny that he's wide awake and rarin' to go at 3am - I know he didn't get that from you, ha ha! Maybe once the teething slows down and his ears feel better he'll sleep more soundly and at least an extra couple hours. Hang in there!

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