Tuesday, April 21, 2009

one tooth, two tooth

Husband spotted it this morning. felt of it with his pinky finger.

"Its broken thru," he tells me. "I felt it this morning. He has his two bottom teeth now."

"I've got to write that down," i say, searching for my wallet calendar thats somehow hidden down in my purse. I pull it out to document the event. 'Second Tooth!' i write.

"And his top left is almost there too. pretty soon he'll have top teeth showing!" husband says.

"oh my gosh," i sigh. not an excited sigh. but kinda a sad one. lately the milestones and the firsts, while still exciting and fun, are also coming along with a bit of sadness to me. they are all signs he's growing up. and its starting to happen even faster. he feeds himself. he doesn't need me to. he can hold his own bottle. he doesn't need me to. sigh. growing up. being more independent. doing things himself. i'm a little sad. but happy too. he's a healthy happy growing boy and brings us SO Much Joy.

speaking of healthy - he is still battling the ear infection problem in the right ear. we took him to the doctor last night for a small lump in his neck and a low grade fever he'd been fighting all weekend, which resulted in some very restless nights, for all of us. i saw him messing with his right ear at the park on saturday. uh oh i thought. The doctor confirmed that the right ear is still infected. this is the fourth time. if counting by doctor visits. but its possible its been one long ongoing ear infection thats never really gone away. we feel thats probably the case.

the doctor gave him a shot of antibiotic to really zap the infection this time. we're hopeful it will finally work. we are doing a followup next monday to see. We're hopeful this will do the trick. The next step would be to go to a Ear Nose Throat Specialist. The Dr said they will want to do a tube in that ear. But we aren't there yet and are hoping this shot will be successful. (dr also confirmed the little lump is only a slightly swollen lymph node from the infection, absolutely nothing to worry about).

but when i say Healthy - He is. sure, ear infections have been a battle for him and i hate that. but in the grand scheme of things, its minor and treatable so for that we are very thankful!!


Julia said...

Ear infections are the worst. Well anything that breaks up sleep is bad but ears seem to be bad that way. Wyatt too has one right now and he has never had one before. Lots of screaming and yelling. I think I have some hearing loss myself. hee hee!

And my reader was dead after you changed your address! It is fixed now. :)

Vicki said...

Ear infections are awful - Emily had them the whole time she teethed and ended up needing tubes at 2, which, by the way were not a big deal and made an immediate difference. Hopefully Abram won't need a tube or tubes but if he does, don't stress about it. We had barely sat down in the waiting room when the doc came to tell us it had gone great!

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