Monday, March 2, 2009

snow day

Its a snow day here in PA. My work is closed so me and the kid are home watching the flakes fall, playing with blocks, and just laying around. me doing more laying than him. he's too curious, nosy, and active to stay put these days. he's been sleeping good and sleeping in till around 7:45am most days. this is a real blessing on the weekends! he's eating better too. last night he ate 2 full jars of green beans and rice then 1/3 jar of pears before bed. the kid puts the food away at dinner!

his diet mainly consists of the following:

breastmilk - lots of it
bananas - his favorite
sweet potatoes
green beans/rice
peaches with oatmeal
organic puffs from whole foods
an occasional teething biscuit

some of this stuff i make in my mini food processor and some we buy the jarred organic stuff. the jarred is what we send to daycare. much easier for them and us. then on the weekends, i bake him sweet potatoes, puree organic oatmeal, and he eats finger foods of soft avocado and organic bananas. we just started the soft finger foods - which he's starting to like. but we have to put them in his mouth. he doesn't get that he can. he just hoards the bits of food in his little fists. he has put a piece or two of banana in the mouth so he's getting there! here he is with his first teething biscuit. he liked the first one but won't eat them since! and he now just pounds the biscuit onto the tray of his highchair, bursting it into pieces, then smears it around. Fun huh?


Vicki said...

Sounds just like Ashley! They're eating the same foods - she may be eating a few more like hummus, today she had her first piece of a boca vegan burger at Costco and LOVED it!, mandarin orange slices, strawberries, and she LOVES mac and cheese ;-). But she does the same thing with feeding herself... she'll put some in but would much rather hold it in her little fist or crumble it up and make a mess. The teething biscuits she seemed to like but they end up on the floor. We have the same high chair, by the way! A friend of mine gave hers to us since she was done with it and it's been awesome! Can't wait to see Abram and Ashley together!

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