Friday, October 23, 2009

17 months old!!

Wow... 17 months old. I can't believe it... so much changes so quickly once they start walking. being mobile is a whole different world. once they're on their toes, they aren't babies anymore! its sad to me. and fun at the same time. i'm enjoying each stage he's in to be honest. He's talking - saying a lot of words, which only we can understand probably.

he does a lot of signs as well - sock, shoe, all done, more, please, light, help, again, cup, eat, ball, nose, ear, belly, head, mouth, show me, and thats all i can think of right now.

we're bumping up to a size 4 in diapers next time we buy a box. as the kid gets bigger, there's less diapers in a box. What the?!?!

i think i may have a wes on my hands! my cousin wes has been a ketchup addict since he was born i think haha... and abram seems to be following suit! he dips most anything in ketchup - potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados, tofu, carrots, peas, just to name a few. i'm buying the al natural organic ketchup from trader joes and i'm thinking about stocking up!

he still loves his green smoothies, larabars, fresh fruit, steamed veggies, and carob pudding:) i love cooking up stuff for him. but i've noticed he's starting to have his own opinion about what he wants to try and not try. he has loved this fresh raw applesauce i make out of dates, apples, and cashews for months! this morning - he took one look and shook his head "no". i persist, you LOVE this remember?! No. same thing with hummus. i used to make hummus in huge batches he ate so much of it. the last three attempts, head shake and 'no', 'no', 'no'. Hm. Okay - more smoothies then! he also has taken a liking to our fresh juice we do on the weekends - his favorite combo seems to be carrot, apple, cucumber. he likes oatmeal again too, after a 3 month boycott.

He loves to dance to music and when we're home together we make this an activity at least 3 times a day. He enjoys being chased, throwing things (to you or AT you!), rolling ball, going outside, waving to neighbors, and pointing out the window of the car at trucks.

He's getting into the i want to help stage and the i wanna do it myself stage too! we're figuring out the logistics of this haha...

He loves to try on shoes and hats (a boy after my own heart!) and here's his newest hat i picked up at a local consignment sale!

His hair - still blonde and starting to get long in spots!!

We're just so in love with him we can't stand it !!


Julia said...

He has the cutest little cleft chin! I did not notice before...

And TJ organic ketchup is the BEST. Although my husband differs in his opinion. And it is only to do with taste for me. I know why A. wants to dip everything he eats in it. Yum.

Vicki said...

How could you NOT be - look at him! The ketchup thing, Ashley too! Actually, she wants to dip whatever she's eating in anything there is to dip in but she loves her ketchup. I need to find an all natural organic one - I heard WF has one with agave nectar so I want to try that. She will eat anything but does have times when she doesn't want what she'd normally have. Guess they have food moods, too, ha ha! Oh he and Ashley are so much alike, I wish they could be around each other more often. I can't believe how many signs he knows, he really took off with it, huh? I know Ashley is trying to repeat things more and more now but between the words she can say and her showing me, I just haven't really tried to teach her anymore signs. I should, though... Anyway, what a cutie pie you have there!

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