Friday, October 2, 2009


The kid is starting to chatter and try to say things. He's had a few words on 'his list' for some time but used them very sparingly! words such as mama, dada, and dog. but he's been saying the word 'ball' everyday a bazillion times for what seems like forever haha... but he's adding on to 'his list' now and saying please, again, all done, more, and really enjoys saying 'nelly' too. he points to her and knows exactly who she is. sometimes he hears her bark in the basement and says her name too. thought i'd post a quick little video to show him saying it. i tried to get him to do it a few times but again, its all on his OWN time ha... so i only captured it once on this video, and believe me, it took a few takes!


Vicki said...

Awwww, that's great! Ashley's talking more and more, too, trying to repeat almost everything - isn't it FUN?! You should start working on "trick or treat" - Ashley tries and it's adorable!

Julia said...

Yeah! Baby babble is the best. Now say that six times in a row. :)

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