Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book Sale!

We all know I love to hit up a good yard sale. or flea market. or used furniture store. or consignment shop. A week or so ago, my neighbor kelly offered up this: "I'm going to a used book sale next weekend if you're interested?" Am I interested?? seriously. Am I ever! That's my kinda friday night girls! Count me in! 

We are big readers in this house. I was born loving to read - well i'm sure my mama had something to do with it! thanks mom! Mom read to me, Mamaw read to me, and i also saw both of them enjoy reading personally when i was growing up! I remember mom reading "The Giant Jam Sandwich" and "Upstairs Downstairs" to me. And Mamaw, she read me older storybooks, with one of my favorites being a book about a family camping trip. And this camping book? I think she read it to her three girls (mama and her sisters) when they were kids. It was broken in and tattered. I loved that book.  What was that title? "Camping.... " something? not sure... 

Husband has grown a love for reading after a little nudging from the wife:) your welcome:) and the kid - well, he just has no choice now does he?!? He is read to daily and a new book is quite a treat around these parts... 

Well my 'i looked forward to it all week' friday night finally rolled around! Kelly, Me, and her sis Megan all piled into her corolla and headed over to our local elementary school. They chattered on the way about the good deals they scored last year and what section they were going to begin with this year. Sections? It's organized? Even Better! 

When we rounded that corner, the entire lunchroom and stage area was covered in tables loaded with books! And organized?! beyond organized for a used book sale. Fiction Adult, Non Fiction Adult, Board books, activity books, ages 2-4, Kindergarden, young adult, religious, reference, the list goes on! I was amazed at how well the ladies put this sale together! 

I spent most of my night in the kids book section... my kid, he loves dolphins, frogs, dinosaurs, and i had a few things i want him to love too so i was browsing and sorting quickly. I kept grabbing ahold of this certain kind of book. I kept picking these up, brushing my hand over the cover, back and forth, opening it up, smiling at the pictures and font, then placing these books back. Many moments later, I stopped - why was i putting these back? I love them! He will Love them! 

So i went back and gathered up my goodies:

I couldn't help myself. The old books with the hard back covers. The colors, the stories, the pictures, the font, the whole package! I just don't see books like this anymore. I was in love. And just what's in this pile you may ask: The Velveteen Rabbit, Bread and Jam for Frances, Giant Journey, Boris and the Monsters, Why is the Grass Green, Little Red Riding Hood (price on front is 35 cents), Nancy's Backyard, I Wonder Why, Little Grey Rabbits Christmas (which originally belonged to The British Book Centre!), On The Way to Storyland, Surprise Stories, and the top book, the little one with no title on the cover, it is called Where Have you Been.

Surprise Stories is my oldest find, printed in 1935, and at one point it belong to "diane hetrick"- she so beautifully wrote her name in with her perfect third grader-ish cursive. adorable. I love the durable hardback covers where you can see the stitching and those pages remind me of books Mamaw read to me too... I've been dishing out a couple of these books here and there to the kid as rewards but many of these will be stashed away for when he's a bit older.

I picked up some others for now - like Noah's Ark, Dinosaurs of the Earth, Busy Timmy, On the Farm and - drumroll please - "The Giant Jam Sandwich" - Score! But I never did find that camping book... to be continued on locating that goodie...


Vicki said...

How fun! Books are treasures and I'm thankful Emily is cultivating a love for reading, too :) I also have your mom to thank for my love of reading, although I sadly don't get to read as often as I would like. But when I do and when I find that really great read, ahhhhhh, it's a perfect escape! Good luck on your hunt for the camping book :)

Meagan said...

Congrats on your finds! I love old books too...the way they look, smell, feel, and just thinking about all the people that have read them before you! Life is GRAND!

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