Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hurricane Hills Farm

Last year we ended up in pumpkin patch madness at the end of October. Going on a hayride with mobs of other families, after waiting in line for 30 minutes or more, is not the most fun trip to the 'country' around here... so, after chatting up with our friends next door, we opted to go in mid-October and to a different location. Being west of the big city, we decided to head even a bit further west and arrive on a Sunday morning, the moment they opened those gates. Abram's buddy Avery and his parents met us there and the boys loved it. And I - well I loved the lack of madness and craze that we endured last year... Now, we have a new tradition that we plan to keep!

 We started with the hayride out to the pumpkin patch... the boys ran around looking for a good pumpkin and turning over dirty ones while us mom's found ones we could actually take home! And the dads - well, they made pictures... We went for one large, one medium, and one small. The small was for the boys pumpkin painting project for Halloween morning.

There was also a corn maze we wandered into, got lost briefly, and wound our way back to some face painting... we requested a spider for the kids face. I could not believe how still he sat and how careful he was to not touch his spider:) 

There were so many activities for the boys! Corn Maze, Hayride, Pumpkin Patch, Corn Tube Slide, Sheep & Goats to pet, Corn Cob Canon, the list goes on... the only thing the kid was not fond of - well, it was the Cow Ride I stuck him on.  He was so in love with rides at Tweetsie, I thought nothing of plopping him in that cow train and sending him off with a wave and a "have fun!"

Yea, not so much. He cried the whole ride. The. Whole. Time. Apparently, having Mom on the ride is a pretty critical part of him loving rides. Oops. Point Taken.  

Oh, and can I say, I ate the best, repeat BEST, pumpkin whoopie pie of my life at this place. Whoopie pies are hit and miss. Some are good. Some aren't worth eating. This one - well, it was the melt in your mouth, ooey goey, buttery, moist, kinda whoopie pie. A Whole category all its own. If only I had a picture. Sigh...  We even drove by there weeks later, out of the way, just to see if that little booth was setup. Not kidding. And it wasn't. Those miles back home were long, tasteless ones. 

Oh right. Back to the kid.

He just Loved this tractor;) More updates to come... !!


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