Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Fun...

Summer kept us busy, a fun kinda busy - but fall has kept us here more than gone and relaxed more than busy. It's been nice. I admit, I like the busy. The travel. The running to and fro. But this relaxation and go with the flow has been - peaceful. and still fun:)

we spent our day at the pumpkin patch and did some other fall-ish stuff, like go walking, play time in our pine needle covered back yard, head to the park, and head toward amish country in pursuit of some gorgeous fall colors...

The kid - he's growing. and growing. and talking more and more. He tells me he had a "good day" and what he ate for lunch at school. He loves music, movies, and snacks. Not much has changed:)

We had never taken this amazing trail near our house, near as in 3 miles away! The Struble Trail is paved so its great for biking or walk. It is mostly level with some minor hills. When we walked it today, the leaf colors were amazing... it reminded us of why we love this time of year! Those fall colors, the leaves overflowing with beauty, the stream beside us, and field in the distance and even a few barns way off - we were surrounded by the most incredible sites:)

As usual though, I was obsessed with just taking pictures of the kid. and for once I had the camera.  So I have no beautiful leaf pictures to show. Hope you all have your own leaves... :) And I can't help but post a way back when picture too. Dad and the kid hiking Feb 2009, and then today, Oct 2010. Oh how my boy is growing up. And today was the last day he will be in that backpack. Whoa! Our shoulders may never be the same again!


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