Sunday, October 31, 2010


Last year, Halloween was fun. He was an adorable monster. But it rained Halloween night. Husband was not with us. and the kid wasn't of the age to really get it. But this year. This year - he got it. And we basically celebrated Halloween all day long my friends! Those little pumpkins we picked up at the farm? We started our day over at the neighbors painting those jewels:) The boys got into it, with globs of paint, and lots of it.

We worked in a good nap and a hearty lunch of fish sticks so he'd be fully energized for tonight. Our friends came over at 5pm for some pizza, fruit salad, and apple ciders. We headed out just after 6 and the boys were full steam ahead. Strange because this year, we hadn't set the clocks back yet. So as we ventured out, it was still a bit light outside... but the darkness soon set it. The boys carried pumpkin flashlights to see the way! and their treat bags of course! 

The kid was a bat and his trick-or-treating buddy was a Robot.  We live in a good neighborhood for trick or treating - houses aren't too far apart, but plenty to get to without wearing the kids out. It was so fun and we saw lots of neighborhood friends and kids and even some pets - all dressed up. The kid still got tired though ha. Here he is waiting on his friend at one point (Avery kept stopping along the way to eat treats ha!). 

Here are the dads with the boys, and then us moms with our boys too:) 

After just over an hour of trick-or-treating, the boys were getting tired, wanting to eat their candy, and wanting to just play! So we went back home and sat our front together, handing out some treats and letting the boys play... and eat some treats too of course!

Once trick-or-treating hours had closed, we took the party inside our neighbors and stayed way past the boys bedtimes... they were amped up on chocolate, sugar, and playing their hearts out! We finally walked the 10 ft back to our own house... put on jam jams and eventually got the kid settled into his bed, despite his desperate pleas against it! 


Meagan said...

Fun, fun, fun! I have fun just watching them have fun!

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