Thursday, April 21, 2011

for Summer....

With warmer weather approaching and the kid's growing despise of having his hair washed, we pulled out the clippers for a new do on those ole blonde hairs.... 

Its the shortest we've ever cut it and surprisingly i'm okay with it... 

We did it with the intention of giving him a little spike on top but the moment the words 'spike' flew out of my mouth, the kid promptly yelled "NO Spike! I don't Wanna Spike!" and tears welled up in his little blue eyes. 

Oh My. So its sort of an odd cut without a spike going on but we're still diggin' it!

He also brought home his easter basket from school and how darn cute huh? 

With real eggs and all! and a few sweet treats that I did let him have:) 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Real Deal Egg Hunt

egg hunt #2 was the real deal baby... 

A beautiful sunny afternoon, not quite as cold as last year, a good group of kids but not crazy crowded. 

Abram had two buddies join him for the hunt. 

Dad gave him a pep talk before hand... after the last egg hunt, where we came home with ONE egg, Dad gave the speak. 

"When you hear him say 'Go', you gotta run! Go to the back, fast! grab as many eggs as you can! ok?" 

and a slap on the shoulder, like we were at a sporting event. 

"But don't be an egg hog.... leave some for the others too, ok?" This is me, of course. 

Abram - no response. Just pulling on the police tape, ready to go! 

And he obviously took Dad's pep talk pretty well.... he was off like a shot... 

Loved being the first one out there... 

And checking for the competition... 

But he sorta listened to me too, and wasn't an egg hog. and even shared one of his eggs with his buddy Cole who is a little younger therefore a little slower on the grab... 

Aren't they cute buddies! 

And here's the Mamas with our boys:) 

Here we go again with the easter bunny love:) 

On the ride home, which is about 30 seconds... 

"I got alotta eggs... a lotta lotta LOTTA eggs", arms spreading really wide. 

"that many huh?"

"and theres treats in em. but you say they yucky treats. why?" 

"they're just yucky. bad for your teeth." 

"How that BE?" 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lack of Privacy...

How was I supposed to know that having an almost 3 year old boy would mean a major lack of privacy. Or actually - no privacy.

I've become talented...

I cook while he hangs on my leg.

I talked on the phone even when he won't stop talking to me.

I read other blogs while being suckered into another game of Memory.

I check my email while singing "jesus loves me" as he performs on a stool err I mean stage.

And last but not least. The bathroom. God forbid I get a solo bathroom break.

It never fails, Abram works his way in there to talk to me. Ask me something ... OR to do this ...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Egg Hunt Gone Wrong...

somehow we worked in 2 egg hunts this year for the kid. Thankfully we did.

Egg hunt #1 was hands down, the worst egg hunt in history. It was mobbed with so many kids. I mean, packed. it was just a huge room with some eggs thrown around. 

see below...

all those kids surrounding that open area and about 100 eggs thrown around on the floor. 

GO! was yelled. kids scrambled to get an egg.

many kids walked away with empty baskets! 

Here's the boys showing their one little egg:( 

The 'coordinator' (should we still call him that if it was uncoordinated?) yelled, "who needs more eggs?", walks out with a garbage full of more eggs, and dumps them in a pile. 

Um - Ok. 

I cursed the whole way home that we'd never go back there. ever again.  Whispery cursing though and just to husband. 

Never again! for anything!
an egg hunt. 
a free food give away. 
free money.

NO reason will pull me back to that place! okay, maybe the free money. but otherwise - no way!

The only plus of the night was the Easter Bunny.

we don't talk much about ole bunny around here so I didn't think the kid would much care. 

But holy moses was I wrong. 

There was jumping with excitement, pointing, yelling, happiness going on with little man:) Photo is proof. He loves the furry fella! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Boy Bed...

Something big just happened here tonight. Yea. Pretty monumental.... at least to us in this house... 

See there folks... its official. He's a big boy. In a big boy bed. 

He really feels it now too. New furniture (thank you tax refund) and a bed like big boys. 

He loved his crib. Never once tried to get out. But I'm pretty sure at 3, you move them on...

So, a bit early, we moved on this. The furniture arrived while my dad was in town. 

Thank you Dad for such fantastic timing. That stuff was H E A V Y. 

The room is a work in progress. It's really half big boy room and half nursery stuff. 

I anticipate finishing it sometime within the year. 

I like having a work in progress. Gives me something to browse for at flea markets & sales.

What I don't like? 

This boy growing up so darn fast. 

I told husband, its going to be tough tonight. He won't stay in the bed. He might cry. 

I knew it wouldn't be an easy transition. Such change! 

And you know what happened? 

We read books, sang a few songs, and gave goodnight kisses. 

And that boy - he did just fine. Fine! 

He put his head on that pillow and went right to sleep. 

I flurried around downstairs busying myself, anticipating the problems, the tears, the drama. 

Silence. Any minute now... but nope. not one sound. no drama. easy-peasy. 

What's crazy? I was a wee bit sad it was so easy. 

He didn't need that darn crib. He was ready! 

Me? not so much... 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More visitors and more golf!

We have had company on and off for the last several weeks and love every second. My bestest Robin came, then my inlaws, and now we just finished up a great weekend with my parents!

A coworker asked me, after my folks had left town, "what all did you guys do?"

"Well.... nothing actually. I just now realized we did nothing but visit, eat, relax, and play with the kid."

It was one one of those visits where we did a bunch of nothing and it was nice:)

The weather was a bit cold and rainy but we cozied up inside and enjoyed one another.

We also ventured out for some good food and even worked in some GOLF for the kid on Sunday too! He finally got to take Big Daddy golfing just as he wished!

Somehow we didn't pull out the camera so i'll be banking on my mom sending me some pics!

On Monday, the final farewell outing was a quick Target trip with Mamaw and Big Daddy.

My two favorite bunny rabbits:) And yes, the kid went home with that very pair, courtesy of Mamaw:) and a couple other little goodies too!

We gave parking lot kisses goodbye and though I anticipated tears being shed, he blew kisses, waved and hopped in the car with me.

As we drove down the road heading home, he asked "Where they going Mommy? Where are they?"

"Well, they are going the other way to go home. To Tennessee. To their home."


"Because thats their home, where they live."

"But... Uh....Hmph.... But I don't want that.... cause, I really wuv them!"

"I really wuv them too Abram!"

He pouted the rest of the ride home.... and asked why a few hundred more times too!

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