Friday, November 16, 2007

12 weeks

I'm now 12 weeks or close to it I believe. Hard to say exactly because the OBGYN and ultrasound don't agree so, husband and I are following the OB's estimate on how far along I am. Today was our second ultrasound. Two already I know. The first one was the ensure it wasn't a molar pregnancy - which it wasn't. The second was to check on a bit of fluid the OB saw. Gulping down 32 ounces of water first thing in the morning is not easy for a girl still battling morning sickness, or as I've been calling it, all day sickness. The ultrasound showed all things looking good! The bit of fluid is still there but - no clue what this means. The tech said its "no big deal" so I'll go with that I guess. We were told we could take a CD-R and have the ultrasound recorded! We were really psyched about this - thinking it would be a great way to break the news to the parents. But much to our disappointment, the tech we had had no idea how to do it. figures. she did give us 3 ultrasound photos though so - better than nothing.

We were able to actually see the baby this time instead of a blob ha. We saw the head, arms, legs, and even a very little eye socket. looks like a real baby in there! the baby is 2 inches long, heartbeat of 170 today, and the ultrasound estimates a due date of June 7. (OB is saying June 1). the size of the little kid is comparable to a lime or plum - this info is for E, since she was wondering. Yes E, it has passed the fig stage:) So our little plum looked good today! Came home afterward, showered, got groceries, and am thinking of cooking up something for Husband's dinner. Not feeling 100% but probably able to cook something. I keep hearing the morning sickness subsides "any day now" and I'm ready for that! and for the ongoing headaches to go away too...


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