Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Nov 14 Wednesday - today decided that I needed to journal my pregnancy. Part of the reason - we haven't told our parents yet. Mom will hate that I didn't tell her sooner and I do hate not being able to talk to her about the whole thing! But, I'm also perfectly content to wait. So, by journaling how I've been feeling so far, she can at least read whats been happening the last three months.

I started this journal today just by what I remembered thus far. Then from today on, I hope to blog each day what I'm feeling. But who hates their mother not knowing is Husband!!! I'm the girl whose supposed to be talking to their mom everyday about the woes of pregnancy but Husband is the person who can't stand his mom not knowing! Everytime he talks to her he's like, 'I wish I could just tell her!', 'I hope I don't slip up and say something!', 'Man, I wish she knew', etc. Hush already haha. This time next week, she'll know. Not sure how we'll tell them yet but thanksgiving weekend is when we'll share the news.

Husband also thought of the idea to make a picture every Saturday morning of my belly to monitor the 'progress'. We took one photo at 10 weeks. Not sure how I feel about this idea. So far, I'm going with it. Once I start looking pregnant - not sure ha.

To read this journal chronologically, you have to read the last post from top down. Then from now on, I hope to post every few days and that will read from the bottom up!

Today? Feeling pretty good actually. Still not able to drink much water even though very thirsty. Thank goodness for vitamin water. Had a real meal last night of brown rice and red beans. good stuff. First real meal since we went for Japanese. Husband missed seeing me eat it - he's worried I'm not eating enough. Its hard. Nothing appeals to me! Where are the cravings? I thought pregnancy meant cravings! not that i'm wanting them but - i at least want to enjoy eating something... after a few bites, I can't keep eating most things. They start to taste gross. Hard to even maintain my normal weight at this point. Good thing i'm pregnant or I would be convinced I had some sort of deadly illness by now!


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