Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Nausea

All morning I've been struggling with nausea and on the verge of throwing up many a dozen times already. I made it to work but have spent most of my time in the bathroom. I resorted to taking my pill and still feel wretched and nauseas. unbelieveable. when will this crap ever go away?!? I'm sick of it - physically, emotionally, mentally. I'm struggling to even keep my weight what it was pre-pregnancy and find it very difficult for this reason. this morning I weight almost 2 lbs less than I should. sigh. It is such a struggle to eat most days... I do get my vitamins down though and the food i do take in is nothing bad for me. its just not packed with nutrients either. its bland stuff. this morning all i've had is an all natural juice bar with vitamin c. didn't sit well - maybe part of my problem. okay - enough sickness chatter....

My blood pressure yesterday was 90/54. This explains why I'm freezing my tail off all the time i guess. Low blood pressure. I have no side effects of this though so they assured me not to worry. I am supposed to be on the lookout for any symptoms of too low blood pressue - fainting, light headed, dizzy, heat palpitations, extreme fatigue, cold & clammy, etc. I definitely won't be able to rely on the fatigure symptom - I'm pregnant, of course I'm fatigued!

We will be telling our parents this weekend. Though I was the one wanting to wait until christmas - I'm really happy now we decided to do it now, for thanksgiving. I suppose the whole pregnancy feels more real to me now and I'm anxious to share the news with our parents. Wednesday evening we will tell aaron's parents. We have photos from the ultrasound we are going to stick in my mom-in-laws bday card. For my parents, I will stick those pictures in a christmas card... I had wanted to just wear a shirt that says pregnant and see when they would notice the shirt lol... but only found them online and they aren't cheap! so, that idea was a wash. We leave town tomorrow! I can't believe the holidays are already here... wow, time flies when you're sick for 7 weeks huh? I beg to differ!


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