Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dr Appt

The weekend went pretty well. Saturday morning I was sick so had to take a pill but was feeling better by around noon. That worked out well since that's when me and C were heading to Woodstock, NY for the concert. Felt fine while away, all of saturday evening and also sunday on our return trip home. But monday was a different story...

Yesterday (monday), I could not go to work. I had the worst nights rest ever! and woke this morning at 4am feeling horrible. Called my work and then tried to go back to sleep for hours. Finally resorted to the guest room where I could be all by myself. This helped. I eventually went back to sleep and slept until 11am. I woke up feeling better and was able to put out the nausea with a mild breakfast of rice krispies.

Yesterday I also had my checkup with Dr. Carol Coldren. I had met Dr. Coldren once before when I was having all the issues with cysts and other issues. I liked her rather well then and in this visit she was just as nice, if not more friendly than before. I liked her better than the dr I saw before. We tried to listen for the heartbeat to no avail. She says at this stage its difficult but by my next visit (dec 14), we should definitely hear it. She reviewed my ultrasound with me saying everything looked really good. The fluid behind the uterus is still there but its less than the last ultrasound - this means my body is absorbing it. She explained its probably blood from implantation bleeding and of no concern. My bloodwork all looked fine. My blood type is O negative, which means I'm RH - . I'll need a shot at 28 weeks because its a possibility the baby's blood type is positive. If our bloods mix, it could cause my body to produce antibodies. Of no concern for this pregnancy but could be for a later one. I'm not completely clear on all the details of this but know I get a shot at 28 weeks and possibly after the baby's birth is the blood type is positive.

Dr. Coldren was also very supportive of me seeking out a mercury free flu shot, saying she completely agreed that its best to avoid the mercury ones if at all possible. She says to get the shot anytime after I return from thanksgiving travels. I'll call the local health dept to schedule. I forgot to ask the results of the CF carrier test. She didn't mention them so I'm assuming I am not a carrier? I'll ask next time around.

The same horrible receptionist was working - not a nice person!! I put on a nice fake face though and tried to be as sweet as pie. Still she didn't budge. She wants to tell you when to come for your next appt - but hello, people have jobs and lives - offer up a little flexibility! She says to me "okay, dec 18..." as if I have no choice in the matter. I say "oh sorry that won't work for me... do you happen to have anything on the 14th. I'm off that day so it would work out great..." Silence. Then "okay. 10am. dec 14th." ugh - i cannot stand this woman! i gladly accepted with many thanks... i don't know if i'll always be able to be this fake nice to this jerk!

So, next appt is Dec 14 and aaron will go with me so we can hear the heartbeat:) No scheduled ultrasound in the future. But whenever we do have another one we should be able to tell if its a boy or a girl:) We will find out but no one else will... our secret... as well as the name...


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