Friday, February 20, 2009

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The kid isn't quite as fascinated with his deep voice rumble noise he was obsessed with for awhile - see video below for the actual. he's moved on now to '"mmmmm...... mmmm..... MMMMM..... MMMMMM...." quite cute! course, after an hour (or what feels like an hour!) of mmmmmm it does loose its appeal a bit, at least to me haha. We had a snow about a week ago and managed to get him in his plaid snow suit - first time in this one! we just stood on the deck w/ him because he wasn't feeling the greatest but i was determined to get him in that suit!! obviously, our winter has been a joke this year - very cold - but little snow to speak of. so with this snow we took some pics on the deck...

then the next day we decided to take the dogs out and the kid too! our first hike together!! We have a hiking backpack for the kid and he Loved it! I put him in with husband wearing it and he just grinned from ear to ear! We had a camera but not the digital - just the manual one that i'm no good at so i only took a couple pics. as you can see we had him bundled up really well. but he did NOT like the mittens at all - so we ditched those in the car. he was much happier without them.

Sammy and Nelly had a ball and it was nice to get them out. I've been feeling horribly guilty that we just haven't had the time to do that with them so it was nice... and they got the mud to show how much fun they had. it was bath time when we got home for sure! It was a great day and we're hoping to get out there a lot more in the future since we all had fun. We limited our time that day because it was later in the day therefore getting colder the later it got. Beautiful day!!


Vicki said...

I just LOVE the black and white pics!

michelle said...


Anonymous said...

absolutely love these pics... They are awesome! I'm so glad you all had fun hiking-- Philip and I are determined to introduce Bella to the outdoors / hiking / fishing / camping when she arrives, and we just pray that she loves it as much as we do : )
Jennifer JT

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