Sunday, May 22, 2011

And Now He's 3...

For his very first birthday, we took him to the Zoo. 

Second Birthday was a party at the park with lots of his little 2 year old friends!

This year, we sort of combined both. 

A day trip to the Zoo with our friends and their little boy.

And 3 little local friends over that night just for cake and ice cream.

He had all sorts of fun - All. Day. Long. 

He got to ride a camel. Score!

See ducks. 

Tell people he is now "3, like this". 

Brush goats with goat brushes with one of his best buds Cameron. 

Look at other (don't remember what) fun stuff with Mom. 

The Giraffes with Dad. 

We did have to say our goodbyes to the Smiths, some of our good friends! 

They're moving back to Pittsburgh:( Boo. 

It has been such fun seeing the boys grow up at the same time. 

Abram and Cameron said their goodbyes... 

As did the moms... 

 And the dads refused to have their picture made!

Abram napped the whole way home and rested up for his mini party that night.

He woke up just in time to snag a little dinner before his friends arrived.

And to pee himself as the first folks walked in.

Good Times! 

No photos of that, sorry!

But luckily we got a quick one of him blowing the candles, those 3 candles I promised him:) 

He handled the attention a bit better this round... 

And handled having his buddies here just silly fine... 

Loved catching all 3 boys shoving cake in their mouths!

And Miss Ava, our lone girl,  held her own so well with these silly boys!

And I think She used her Fork...

It was a big day. big fun. and big memories;) 

Friday, May 20, 2011

School time celebration

It was a school time celebration for the kid today. 

He's hitting the big 3. 

What better way to ring it in than with cupcakes with his best buds at preschool?

He moves up to the 3's class next week! 

And we're all adoring his new teacher Miss Linda!

He's there at the middle table, far right looking like he's in a trance. 

I couldn't even get silly boy to look at me. 

He was acting all sorts of funny! 

And not a ha-ha funny but a weirdo funny! 

He seemed suspicious?

And it didn't help matters that he was having a very bad hair day. 

Its a side-parted mohawk of sorts... not planned. at all. 

He didn't know how to handle all the attention! 

But he sure knew how to handle that CupCake:) 

And he got to come home early with Mommy. 

"Did you have fun Abram? at your party?"

"yeah (soft quiet voice). but you didn't light my candle."

"Well, i couldn't sweetheart. No open flame allowed at school!"

"but you didn't light it...." (insert sad face here)

"Well, on Saturday, your real birthday, i'll definitely light those candles!" 

"(grinning) Okay! a lotta lotta lotta of em!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers day morning, husband had plans for the kid and I... 

To go out gardening first thing in the morning is... well, not my thang. 

Gardening really isn't my thing. I so wish it was. I really do. 

But I kill things. I forget to water things. I just don't seem to do well with plants. 

Perhaps my luck will be better with trees. 

Not just any tree. But Our Tree. 

Mommy and Abram's Tree. 

Sugar Maple: Planted May 8, 2011 by Mommy & Abram

We planted that morning and that night, I opened by gift. 

A framed picture, dated, with a picture of us and our tree.  

The card from husband, explaining the significance of the tree, made me cry a little. 

I loved the frame. The Memory Made. The Love in my heart for this boy. and Our Tree:) 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 years baby!

The blog is usually rambles about the kid. 

but today. 

the anniversary. 

mom and dad. 

10 years. 



We spent the day here. 

and i took 3 lousy pictures. well actually i took 2. the waitress took 1. 

 picture of us - the waitress (i don't like it but must post it!)

my handiwork, is the blurred photo above of NYC. 

and then this - 

No standing ANY time. Except authorized vehicles. 

I just couldn't get over this sign. 

Yes, those are my 3 pictures. 

None of the awesome stores or my awesome purchases. 

or of the incredible food. incredible. 

and none of the kid. he wasn't with us! 

but it was a great day. just the two of us.

we hardly knew how to handle ourselves.

we felt so - free? unattached? lightweight? 

we shopped and thrifted all day. 

we ate vegan food at lunch. 

and more vegan food at dinner. 

Thank you Candle 79 for an awesome anniversary dinner!

The best anniversary gift of all? experiencing parenthood together:) 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yard Sale Season

Its yard sale season! 

We're big thrifters, husband and I - and yard sale season is hands down, the best way to score a deal!

Its fun to browse other people discards and buy something for $1 that would usually be way more! 

Now the kid is getting in on the action too:) 

he gets a couple dollars before we head out...  

naturally he wants to buy the first toy he sees. 

we talk him out of it. 

he pouts. 

so the next house, we give in. 

sure buy a toy for a 6 month old. 

who cares that its a pink hat!

but this past weekend, boy scored himself a good deal on the cutest score ever!

He's rockin' now! Bring it! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter in TN!

Travels for Easter aren't our norm but this year called for special measures. 

The timing of my mom having her neck cut open bump up with Easter - a perk if there was one at all i suppose (and everything went wonderfully with her surgery - the biggest perk of all!). 

We rolled into town on Saturday night before.... and spent the night at Papaw's. 

We slept there and the Easter Bunny miraculously found the kid, dropping his basket on the back patio. 

After browsing all his basket goodies and toys and treats, it was cereal with Papaw, along with some funny jokes apparently... 

That Papaw, he sure is funny:) 

A quick walk down to the creek before we got all dressed up... 

And then time for church! His first time sporting a tie:) And i must say, How darn cute huh? 

Family Photo before heading to Big Daddy's church:) a little crazy pose for some smiles usually works!

Once we returned from church, we realized the easter bunny left some eggs hidden in the backyard! 

Gotta grab the basket and hunt them down! 

Big Daddy helping locate some hard to find eggs (notice abram still doesn't see it ha)... 

Finally all were collected and treats were eaten... 

Some cash register play time with Mamaw... 

It was a beautiful Easter day in Tennessee... warm, sunny, good food, family and friends:) Glad my boy got to experience it like I did as a little! 

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