Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter in TN!

Travels for Easter aren't our norm but this year called for special measures. 

The timing of my mom having her neck cut open bump up with Easter - a perk if there was one at all i suppose (and everything went wonderfully with her surgery - the biggest perk of all!). 

We rolled into town on Saturday night before.... and spent the night at Papaw's. 

We slept there and the Easter Bunny miraculously found the kid, dropping his basket on the back patio. 

After browsing all his basket goodies and toys and treats, it was cereal with Papaw, along with some funny jokes apparently... 

That Papaw, he sure is funny:) 

A quick walk down to the creek before we got all dressed up... 

And then time for church! His first time sporting a tie:) And i must say, How darn cute huh? 

Family Photo before heading to Big Daddy's church:) a little crazy pose for some smiles usually works!

Once we returned from church, we realized the easter bunny left some eggs hidden in the backyard! 

Gotta grab the basket and hunt them down! 

Big Daddy helping locate some hard to find eggs (notice abram still doesn't see it ha)... 

Finally all were collected and treats were eaten... 

Some cash register play time with Mamaw... 

It was a beautiful Easter day in Tennessee... warm, sunny, good food, family and friends:) Glad my boy got to experience it like I did as a little! 


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