Thursday, December 1, 2011

And then there were 4!

Picture Made on Oct 1, 2011: 

 Picture Made on Nov 24, 2011: 

Picture Made on Dec 1, 2011: 

The night we told Abram I was pregnant, he was so excited! grinning, clapping, and laughing. 

The next morning: "Well?!?! Where is it??!" he asked. 

He told me yesterday: 

"I will read the baby books. but only one I know because I don't know how to read. And I'll talk to the Baby but the baby will just say "bah bah bah" to me. Cause thats what babies do." 

He's holding strong for a boy but when his teacher asked him at school if it was a boy or girl he said: 

We don't know yet but really - God decides. and gave a big sigh like 'oh great' lol... 


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