Saturday, February 21, 2009

9 months old

The kid is 9 months old today. We started off our morning by going to the dr's appointment, a well baby visit for the 9 month landmark. He is 17 3/4 pounds and has a head circumference of 18 inches. Can't remember his length exactly... I had husband bring the camera in to make a few snapshots (a 9 month birthday - hello!!) of the dr visit. The doctor was pretty weirded out by it when husband took a few pics haha... so, we put it away. He was running a slight fever so the polio vaccine was postponed for another time. His iron was checked and was 12.2 which the nurse said was excellent. Anyway, the Dr said the kids looking and doing good! But he does still have a slight ear infection in the right ear. So back onto antibiotics for that...

Afterward, husband was off to the art museum for school so the kid and i went to a special lunch at Oasis:) He dined on hummus and avocado. We are working on finger foods but he isn't very interested. We cut up bits of banana for him and he just pushes them around - never even thinking to put a piece in his mouth. We show him - oowww, yuummm, look abram! see! do this! no, he won't. we try to put the chunk in his mouth - he shakes his head no. so today at Oasis, i basically just shoved the food in and he did eat it finally.

Tonight, we had pictures made at Sears - they are on order. I was disappointed with the pictures to be honest. Abram was so in awe of a new place and just looking around, he wouldn't smile much. but we got a few good shots and ordered some prints. That wore him out. He did eat a couple bites of pizza dough but was basically a worn out zombie after the photo shot. We're praying for a good nights sleep for him! So far, its not going well! haha... I've gone in twice and husband once. fingers crossed!!


The Author said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the ear infection and hope it's better by now. I'm glad everything else was fine. Abram has to be one of the most photogenic, beautiful boys around.
Hummus and avocado, now that's my kind of baby!

Vicki said...

Well it sounds like he is growing like a wittle weed which is awesome! ;-) Ashley loves hummus and avocado, too, which makes me soooo happy! Emily loves hummus but the green color scares her away from the avocado so it's good to start them this young. I am sure the photos will turn out better than you think - at least you took him to have them done. I tried once and missed the Target studio hours and haven't been back yet. Bad mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... he is beautiful (don't tell him I said that... tell him I said "handsome")! Those blue eyes! I seriously cannot believe how much he's grown, at risk of sounding "cliche" : ) Remember I haven't seen him since his shower in Mtn. City! It makes me realize how much I need to cherish every moment when Bella comes, huh? So glad I have this updated address now, so I can keep up with you all. The black and white dominant pic on your intro page is PHENOMENAL, by the way!!! Love and miss you, your hard-to-get-a-hold of friend and Momma-to-be....Jennifer (and Bella)

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